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Planning a getaway to North Myrtle Beach? Browse our collection of Myrtle Beach videos to learn about the area and all the fun, family-friendly activities that you can enjoy while you are here on your beach vacation. North Myrtle Beach is known for its 9 miles of wide, sandy beaches, but there's much more to do than just enjoying the beach!  

We have a variety of exciting activities for the entire family - miniature golf parks, water sports, seaside amusement parks, theatres and of course the dance craze that was born in Ocean Drive, The Shag! Myrtle Beach Restaurants - With over 1,000 dining options, you can choose from locally owned and operated establishments to your favorite national chains. Golf - Play a round of championship golf on one of our 120 flawless fairways. Myrtle Beach is the seaside golf capital of the world! Don't forget about the fishing and water sports - Enjoy inshore, offshore, surf, pier and artificial reef fishing. Also, enjoy boating excursions, private charters, casino and riverboat cruises.

If you're into shopping, come and knock yourself out! From souvenir, antique and boutique shopping; to regional shopping malls and outlet malls, we have it all. We also have year-round arts, crafts and food festivals, concerts in the park and SOS events. Of course the relaxation is the true objective of any vacation - We believe that it's our pace of life that separates Myrtle Beach from the crowd. Even with so much to do nearby, our relaxed, peaceful environment lets you truly unwind.

We bring you the best of the North Myrtle Beach area via online streaming videos that you can watch on demand. Our worldwide reach brings Myrtle Beach right into your home or office. We have Myrtle Beach Condo Videos, Attractions, and find out about Elliott Beach Rentals!

If you are thinking about visiting Myrtle Beach, you need to make an informed decision. The guy in your office who thinks he knows Myrtle Beach inside and out may be telling you how much you "have to" see a certain North Myrtle Beach show, vacation rental, or attraction ... but is it right for you? 

We have videos of the different North Myrtle Beach Condo buildings, so take a video tour before you book your vacation – see the building and all the amenities offered to find the condo that is perfect for you.

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